Mary Jackson (gloryb2u) wrote in adelaidesingles,
Mary Jackson

Soon to be in Adelaide...

Hi! I'm looking for friends/contacts


Name: Mary
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Location: Currently USA, will soon be close to Woodcroft, Adelaide
Height: Average
Weight: A few extra pounds
Hair: Short, dark brown
Eyes: Blue

Drinker: Little to none
Smoker: Little to none (in the process of quitting for good)
Religion: I claim Christianity but I'm more of a general spiritualist
Status: Taken and very much in love (he's the reason for my upcoming move)
Work/Study: Need help looking for potential jobs in the area. I plan to pick up my studies again eventually...


Age: 18-25 preferred but anything really
Sex: Females mostly but some males would be good too if you can deal with a jealous bf
Location: Adelaide obviously, closer to Woodcroft would be great
Height: doesn't matter
Body Type: doesn't matter
Drinker: little to none would be great but doesn't really matter
Smoker: little to none would be great but also doesn't really matter
Religion: doesn't matter as long as you aren't a satanist...not that I'm saying anything against anyone, it's just hard for me to let go to feel comfortable in that situation
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