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Hi! I'm looking for friends/contacts


Name: bridie / marsie
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Location: I move around a bit :P atm I’m in Holden Hill (ew.) But I'm moving to Grange Rd shortly
Height: Short. Like 4 feet 11 short.
Weight: I need to drop some weight. Not that it should really matter.
Hair: Changes lots. Atm its short at the back, long at the front, manga style. It's currently cherry black. But that changes about every six weeks.
Eyes: Brown

Drinker: Can we say binge? I don't make a moron of myself though.
Smoker: Haven't for about a month. But that doesn't mean I won't have the odd one in the future.
Religion: I have faith. I just don't know what in.
Status: Single
Work/Study: Work full time in IT. I'm a geek. I'm pretty sure that doesn't make me cool.
Other: I dig punk music. And ska. And I'll basically listen to pretty much anything aside from country. I'm sure my head would explode if I didn't have music. I work on websites in my spare time. My personal site is but I also help out with check em out :P I dig going to see bands, and going on the occasional bender. I love horror movies. And I wear a lot of black. Like. A lot. I have 3 tats (ankle, tummy, and pubic bone) and currently wear 10 piercing (it doesn't look that much on me - honest :P)’s


Age: 24-34. Not that it really matters all that much I spose.
Location: Adelaide
Height: No care
Body Type: No care
Drinker: No care
Smoker: No care
Religion: No care

What I do care about: That you are open. And honest. And caring. And considerate. And socially aware. And appreciate a dark sense of humor. And sarcasm. That you enjoy having fun. And can have fun doing nothing.

Oh yeah.
And I'm not really a stalker. It was a private joke in thing.

Oh. And there are some pics in my user info. Rock out.
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