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Hey people...

Hey there,

Im Adam, just moved up to Adelaide for the next chapter in my life (or in lamer terms, work ;) ). I initially hail from Geelong, a town an hour out of Melbourne, but moved up to Melb a few years back for uni, and now I find myself here in your fine city ;). I'm working as an engineer for the DoD, doing some really cool stuff. I love music of all types, but particularly trace/electronica, and I love to get out for a good time. I'm also really into salsa/ballroom/swing dancing, but I'm in need of a partner, and some pactice lol. I love talking politics/philosophy/whatever, and am always up for a good yarn. I'm looking to make some fun friends to join me in ripping up the town, a dancing partner who's in it for the fun, and if it comes about, a girlfriend who loves to laugh and share a nice wine.

Name: Adam
Age: 20
Sex: M
Orientation: Straight
Location: Adelaide, near the city
Height: 6'
Weight: 85kg
Hair: Red as the sunset baby (heheh gotta have pride ;-))
Eyes: Hazel (Is that what you say when you dont want to say brown?)

Drinker: Social
Smoker: No
Religion: Still not sure...
Status: Single
Work/Study: Radar Engineer

Age: 18 - 25
Sex: Female
Location: Adelaide offcourse
Height: Whatever its all good
Body Type: Good to hug ;)
Drinker: Yes (haha but please no goon!)
Smoker: Well aslong as you dont smoke around me its cool
Religion: I dont mind, I'm always open to hearing other peoples beleifs.

Enjoy yourselves! PcOwt ;) ~Adam
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