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Anybody out there? [30 Jun 2009|03:01pm]

[ mood | anxious ]


Straight (I think?)
Enjoys movies (all but super bloody horror violence and romance), anime (varies), video games (owns nintendo dsi, ps2, xbox 360)
Free pretty much every weekend
Brunette, brown eyes

Comment, or email cgaussie@gmail.com

Be it friendship or anything else I'm really just in need of meeting more people.

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[05 Dec 2008|01:36pm]

Hi, I'm Chris 29 male from Adelaide.
Looking for new friends to chat with online.
MSN ablett@hotmail.com
AIM ablettcab

Any age is fine.
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still alive? [13 Nov 2006|05:51pm]

no single adelaide girls on here anymore?
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Rock. [17 Oct 2006|11:01am]

[ mood | blah ]

Hi! I'm looking for friends/contacts


Name: bridie / marsie
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Location: I move around a bit :P atm I’m in Holden Hill (ew.) But I'm moving to Grange Rd shortly
Height: Short. Like 4 feet 11 short.
Weight: I need to drop some weight. Not that it should really matter.
Hair: Changes lots. Atm its short at the back, long at the front, manga style. It's currently cherry black. But that changes about every six weeks.
Eyes: Brown

Drinker: Can we say binge? I don't make a moron of myself though.
Smoker: Haven't for about a month. But that doesn't mean I won't have the odd one in the future.
Religion: I have faith. I just don't know what in.
Status: Single
Work/Study: Work full time in IT. I'm a geek. I'm pretty sure that doesn't make me cool.
Other: I dig punk music. And ska. And I'll basically listen to pretty much anything aside from country. I'm sure my head would explode if I didn't have music. I work on websites in my spare time. My personal site is www.marschick.net but I also help out with www.adelaidemetal.com check em out :P I dig going to see bands, and going on the occasional bender. I love horror movies. And I wear a lot of black. Like. A lot. I have 3 tats (ankle, tummy, and pubic bone) and currently wear 10 piercing (it doesn't look that much on me - honest :P)’s


Age: 24-34. Not that it really matters all that much I spose.
Location: Adelaide
Height: No care
Body Type: No care
Drinker: No care
Smoker: No care
Religion: No care

What I do care about: That you are open. And honest. And caring. And considerate. And socially aware. And appreciate a dark sense of humor. And sarcasm. That you enjoy having fun. And can have fun doing nothing.

Oh yeah.
And I'm not really a stalker. It was a private joke in thing.

Oh. And there are some pics in my user info. Rock out.

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Meet up [30 Sep 2006|07:59pm]

Just wondering did the Meet up go ahead back in April?

I would be happy to organise another if anyone is interested......
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about me! [25 Sep 2006|06:06pm]

Gender: Male
Age: 29
3 words to describe you: artistic, quirky, fun
Favourite film/book/music: Koyaanisqatsi, anything by Tim Burton, David Lynch etc
Interests: 60's furniture, avant garde film, collecting, cult movies, garage sales, graphic design
and lots of other things!

looking to meet new people in adelaide! :D

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[10 Aug 2006|07:48pm]

Thought I would Introduce myself.

My Names Jessica - I'm 21 (well, soon).... I work as a temp and I'm currently working at a counseling/clinic...
I have a passion in Web Design and Graphic Design and I'm currently working on my own personal "Blog Wesbite" (when I purchase my little section of the internet). I am also opening up my own business (eventually & when I get the money) I won't get into it tho - there's too much to talk about, but I am very excited about it.......

I'm actually at work at the moment, everyone is have a meeting and it's just me working. I'm eating a crossiont (sp) and typing away to this little commuity which needs to have more people in it. :) *coughwonderwhichcommunityimtalkingaboutcough*

I'm not looking to date anyone, but I am looking for LLFriends.

there's not really that much I can say here, and I'm clueless on what to tlak about..... all I know is... I'm not all that interesting :P
anywho's, I'll leave this as it is.

have any questions? ask away.


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Fine then [12 Jun 2006|01:16pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I'm looking to start getting out and meet people.

I'm 23 years old. I'm not that fussed by ages. Male or female. I need to get myself a life outside of my family and it's about time.

Comment if interested. I'm up for almost anything. Clubs, parties, whatever.

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So... [03 Jun 2006|06:50pm]

Communitys dead?

Or no more single people?
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[21 Apr 2006|05:06pm]

Official reminder for meet up

1 O'Clock at the Big Rundle Fountain

Please state here what you will be wearing (at least one garnment) So we can tell who you are.

Me, Black Jeans and I have bright red haor...but I think guys know what I look like...if you dont look...there are pictures in my entry all the way down in another part of this comm

Hope to see you there
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[13 Apr 2006|09:05am]

I wanna organise a meetup...

For all of us...but a min of five people.

Provide dates and times that you are free and I will do the rest

Five comments means I can organise one

Anyone interested?

Sun the 23nd Of April

1 o clock at the fountain in rundle mall

PH NOCollapse )

Any body who didnt comment are still welcome to come.

If comeing though please comment here so I can gather numbers and names etc etc
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[03 Apr 2006|04:47pm]

Looking for friends...

Smoker: Dont care just please not around me.
Drinker: As long as you not an angry drunk
Religion: I dont care...Just dont push it on me and you respect my absence of religion.
Age: anywhere between 18-25
Sex: I dont care : Guys I dont mind as long as you dont go sleazy on me
Body Type: I dont mind just as long as you respect yourself and look after yourself.

I like tea and Alcohol...I dress Strangly but I would not consider myself as goth/emo/punk. I dress how I want to...I listen to metal goth, EBM and industrial. I also listen to jazz and swing.
I love Japan and I do have a obsessive personality, I have issues...but what person doesnt these days.


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Soon to be in Adelaide... [01 Apr 2006|01:05am]

Hi! I'm looking for friends/contacts


Name: Mary
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Location: Currently USA, will soon be close to Woodcroft, Adelaide
Height: Average
Weight: A few extra pounds
Hair: Short, dark brown
Eyes: Blue

Drinker: Little to none
Smoker: Little to none (in the process of quitting for good)
Religion: I claim Christianity but I'm more of a general spiritualist
Status: Taken and very much in love (he's the reason for my upcoming move)
Work/Study: Need help looking for potential jobs in the area. I plan to pick up my studies again eventually...


Age: 18-25 preferred but anything really
Sex: Females mostly but some males would be good too if you can deal with a jealous bf
Location: Adelaide obviously, closer to Woodcroft would be great
Height: doesn't matter
Body Type: doesn't matter
Drinker: little to none would be great but doesn't really matter
Smoker: little to none would be great but also doesn't really matter
Religion: doesn't matter as long as you aren't a satanist...not that I'm saying anything against anyone, it's just hard for me to let go to feel comfortable in that situation
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[28 Mar 2006|12:05am]

OK, one of two things are happening:

A) There are no single girls in Adelaide who want a date


B) I'm hideously unattractive to females, and there is no hope of me ever finding a date

Anyone know?
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[26 Mar 2006|12:56am]

Looking for friends/relationship

Height: 178 - 185cm (estimation)
Weight:-Large and in charge- ;]


Intelligent, dedicated and somewhat geeky.
I enjoy anime/manga, comic books, fictional books, good movies, good wine and the occasional backyard wrestling match.

Looking for:

Female 17 - 25
Caring and compassionate
The rest doesnt matter, and the age is flexable.
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[25 Mar 2006|03:05am]

Looking to meet people and do things like go places, events, play sport,travel etc., things that aren't possible or much fun by ones self. I'm self-educated but am self-conscious of eye contact and find it stressful to be in public places. Perhaps there is some remote chance that a person dealing with anxiety issues will see this and have similar goals of wanting to move beyond the things that hold them back. I've discontinued my LJ account but I can be reached at diceman_08@excite.com (this account is checked occasionally).

Orientation: Hetero
Location: Reynella
Height: 178cm


A photo I took of myself for use as a 'user picture'. Just so this isn't a faceless post.

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Hey people... [18 Mar 2006|05:33pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey there,

Im Adam, just moved up to Adelaide for the next chapter in my life (or in lamer terms, work ;) ). I initially hail from Geelong, a town an hour out of Melbourne, but moved up to Melb a few years back for uni, and now I find myself here in your fine city ;). I'm working as an engineer for the DoD, doing some really cool stuff. I love music of all types, but particularly trace/electronica, and I love to get out for a good time. I'm also really into salsa/ballroom/swing dancing, but I'm in need of a partner, and some pactice lol. I love talking politics/philosophy/whatever, and am always up for a good yarn. I'm looking to make some fun friends to join me in ripping up the town, a dancing partner who's in it for the fun, and if it comes about, a girlfriend who loves to laugh and share a nice wine.

Name: Adam
Age: 20
Sex: M
Orientation: Straight
Location: Adelaide, near the city
Height: 6'
Weight: 85kg
Hair: Red as the sunset baby (heheh gotta have pride ;-))
Eyes: Hazel (Is that what you say when you dont want to say brown?)

Drinker: Social
Smoker: No
Religion: Still not sure...
Status: Single
Work/Study: Radar Engineer

Age: 18 - 25
Sex: Female
Location: Adelaide offcourse
Height: Whatever its all good
Body Type: Good to hug ;)
Drinker: Yes (haha but please no goon!)
Smoker: Well aslong as you dont smoke around me its cool
Religion: I dont mind, I'm always open to hearing other peoples beleifs.

Enjoy yourselves! PcOwt ;) ~Adam

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Obligatory 'This is me' post [16 Mar 2006|09:41am]

[ mood | sick ]

Hello possums. My name's Tina, and I've lived in Adelaide since my adoption in 1985. I grew up near the Airport but now live fairly close to the city. As for my interests I'm an artist and tend to draw a lot. I'm into the animation department, both watching there of (majority anime) and drawing. I'm into video games, manga/comics, anime and also obviously being on my computer. But sadly these things have what kept me away from meeting more people. That and I'm very shy to go out and meet people.

Name: Tina
Age: 22 going on 23 in April
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Location: Kurralta Park
Height: 5 something.
Weight: On a need to know basis
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Drinker: Only rarely do I drink Vodka Cruisers, and Verdi White Wine. That's the extent of my drinking and that rarely happens.
Smoker: No
Religion: Catholic - but I rarely act it.
Status: Available
Work/Study: Temping as a switchboard operator.

Age: 19 > 25 - if you're 18 or 17 I don't care either way
Sex: Male (for possibly more) or Female (as friends)
Location: Anywhere's fine
Height: Short and tall can apply
Body Type:
Drinker: I'm not that picky, but I'd like people who look after themselves
Smoker: I'd prefer no, but I can handle smokers
Religion: Any

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[15 Mar 2006|03:49pm]

adelaide boys suck, from my perseptive anyway.
they are either taken, not interested or gay.
i dont know where this is going..
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I need friends :D [15 Mar 2006|08:45am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Name: Eleni C.......
Age: 19
Sex: F
Orientation: straight
Location: Burnside
Height: 5'3
Weight: haha a girl needs a little mystery ;)
Hair: Brown, short
Eyes: hazel

Drinker: social
Smoker: no
Religion: Greek orthodox (i don't convert, sorry!)
Status: with partner
Work/Study: work full time

Age: 19-25
Sex: male and female
Location: anywhere, preferably metro area
Height: any
Body Type: any
Drinker: no alcoholics
Smoker: no chain smokers
Religion: no cults, no pushy religious types

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